When will I receive my tickets?

We attempt to ensure delivery within the week of the event, however in some circumstances you may receive your tickets sooner.  The dispatch date of your tickets will depend on when the seller receives the tickets in order to forward onto you.
We are unable to guarantee a specific delivery date however we can guarantee that you will receive the tickets in time for the event.
If you need to make travel arrangements or amendments to your delivery address please keep us informed and we will be sure to update our records to ensure the tickets are dispatched to the correct delivery address.

Will my tickets be seated together?

Tickets booked under one order are guaranteed to be seated together.  In certain cases seats together may include seats located one row directly in front of or behind each other.
However if you have booked several tickets separately and have consequently been assigned different booking reference numbers, the tickets are not guaranteed to be seated together. This is because our live inventory is provided by individual sellers.
Please note that if your desired quantity is not available (for example a single ticket), this means the seller is only willing to sell paired tickets or vice versa.

Change of address in the near future, what should I do?

We usually suggest to wait until closer to the date of your travels as tickets may arrive much earlier. However if you have not received your tickets one week prior to your travels / address change / home move, do let us know and confirm your new delivery details. We will then ensure the tickets are redirected.
If you are staying at a hotel, please provide the full address, including the full name of the hotel and the postal code, as well as your arrival date and the name under the reservation.
If you need to make travel arrangements earlier, please keep us informed and we will be sure to update our system ensuring your entrance to the event.
Please note that if you have changed your delivery details under your account, none of your outstanding orders will be affected. You must inform us of any changes to your delivery address as the seller of your tickets need to be informed as soon as possible. Once we have updated your details for you, our customer service team will contact the seller to advise them of this change.

Ticket price printed on my tickets?

Prices (market value) of tickets sold on our website are not determined by Access Tickets but by individual sellers, depending on supply and demand of tickets for a specific event. This can be higher or lower than the face value (price printed on the ticket).
The face value is shown at the time of the booking and is also mentioned in our Terms and Conditions. If you are booking your tickets over the phone, please do not hesitate to ask for the face value before purchasing. Our customer service representatives will be happy to confirm this information for you.

What is a general admission (GA) ticket?

Normally General Admission means the tickets are allocated in the floor standing area, however this may vary depending on venue arrangements. Please always review the venue map on our website, or the original promoter's website, to ensure you are aware of the seating arrangements.
If the venue is all-seated and no standing areas have been allocated, a general admission ticket may be located anywhere in the venue as the seller did not specify the seating allocations.

What is a Category 1 (Cat1) ticket?

Category 1 seats are tickets of the highest face value (face value is the price as printed on the ticket, NOT the market value). Generally this means that you will have a closer viewing of a concert/game stage/area. The higher the Category, the further away you are likely to be from the main views of the event (Category 2, 3, 4 etc). Tickets classed by category are often event specific and do not apply to all events.

My tickets are different to what I ordered.

Most tickets on the Access Tickets website are listed by someone who has tickets to that event that they wish to sell.
Being a secondary market there are occasions where sellers may become unable to supply the exact inventory they have listed. In these  such cases tickets may be substituted for tickets that are comparable or better than what was originally ordered.
Please check the venue map for your event on the Access Tickets website to confirm your new location.

Information regarding VAT.

Access Tickets  is a VAT registered company operating within the UK for domestic and over Seas events therefore VAT is applied to all purchases. 

Collection from our offices

Tickets collected from our office must be collected before 5 PM Identification will be required before release of tickets

Access Tickets is a secondary ticket exchange website, and some tickets may have names of the original purchaser printed on them. However, please be advised that this will not affect your booking and you will be granted entry into the event.