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The first Worthy Farm (Glastonbury site) festival in 1970 was attended by 1500 who paid £1 each. In 2015 around 135,000 people will pay £225 each. In its 45 year history Glastonbury has become probably the most admired and important music festival in the the World.

 Glastonbury has faced many obstacles but always remained true to it’s essentially hippie, humanist ideals, a mindset that is carried through to all aspects of the festival. It encourages smaller, non corporate vendors and caterers, and it seeks to provide an extremely diverse range of music and entertainments. It embraces recycling and green ideologies Set in Pilton, Somerset, the festival site(s) are in a part of the UK renowned both for its natural beauty and the myriad legends – mostly spiritual – which have grown in the area over almost two thousand years. The Eavis family – who stage the festival – are constantly adding new features and they are fearless in booking acts of all genres, often in the face of extreme criticism. As a result headline acts have come from all areas of music, from basic rock through to rap and modern dance. Extensive TV coverage of the festival since the 1990’s has seen Glastonbury grow from a festival to a phenomenon and a respected brand, but despite making concessions in areas like crowd control and security it still retains the ethics it began with all those years ago. For many people Glastonbury is an annual pilgrimage, and the crowd is comprised of all ages, social groups, musical tastes, and nationalities. The list of artists who have played at Glastonbury is almost certainly without equal, but in addition to the big names there are thousands of small bands and artists of every type who have played there. Essentially – Glastonbury is beyond special, its unique.

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  • 22.06.2016
    Glastonbury, The first Worthy Farm

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