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From where 4 boys began, in the summer of 1977 whilst still in their teens and at school, Bono and his band have come a long way.  U2 have become one of the most well known and largest Rock and Roll bands in history.  U2 released their first single 11 O’clock Tick Tock in May 1980, five months later their first album ‘Boy’ was released however it wasn’t until May 1983 that they got their first UK number one album with ‘War’.  They continued to release album after album and produce hit after hit, U2 were a global success.  The group have won numerous awards including 22 Grammy awards, 7 Brit awards and many more. They went on to make history with their 2009-2011 U2 360 tour, making it the highest grossing and highest attended tour in history. 

Bono and the boys decided to take a new approach when releasing their thirteenth studio album ‘Songs Of Innocence’ via ITunes.  The album, despite being their thirteenth did not disappoint fans with figures showing to date ‘Songs Of Innocence’ has been steamed 81 million times and downloaded by 30 million. This is the first tour that U2 have played indoors in over a decade so be prepared for a show like you’ve never seen.